Baldissoni speaks at “55 secondi” launch


Mauro Baldissoni was a special guest at the launch of the new book “55 secondi” which retells the story of Roma’s 1984 European campaign where the Italian club reached the final at the Olimpico, only to lose on penalties to Liverpool.

The captain of that Roma side was Agostino Di Bartolomei who committed suicide 10 years to the day of that defeat, on May 30th 1994. Today the book launch coincided with the 20th anniversary of Di Bartolomei’s death.

“Thank you to Tonino Cagnucci and the authors for the invitation. The Roma in this book was the Roma of my adolescence when my love for the team reached it’s most intense. It is much simpler to celebrate the victories and triumphs, but we are here to remember a defeat but defeats are the basis of future victories.”

“This summer there was an atmosphere of scarce optimism around the club and I was asked how we could overcome the defeat of the Italian Cup. I said that I would try to lock the defeat in the closet of horrors and let it out after we had returned to winning. And so this season, with all the victories, we have done just that.”

“Do I dream of  a Roma as great as the one in 1984? To dream of it is not difficult (laughs). I think the team is already well equipped and we work every day to improve the club. We don’t think Roma is far from being able to compete.”

© & Gino Mancini



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